Any fun or just great Udon I should try out?

I have been playing this game for a while and wanted to try out something new after visiting the same worlds for a while. Any suggestions would be great! :grin:

Hmm, I have been looking at all of the Udon worlds and here are some I cna recommend:

  1. Grapnel gun. I is a very smooth and fleshed out grappling gun experience

  2. A world I do not exactly remember the name of, but it’s defining feature is that you can use small hand-held jet engines to fly around with Newtonian physics, and there is a race course or two.

  3. Robot hands. My favorite one. You get to use a pair of massive robot hands that can grab onto stuff. The experience is smooth and fun, as well as entertaining. You can throw youself, climb lamp osts and do a lot of parkour. It’s also a great workout!

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