Animations working on Unity but not on VRChat

Hi! Nice to see there’s an official place where I can get some help. I’m having some problems to make my animations work.

I have two animations that I want to run on entry state (idle blinking and ears). Both show perfectly in Unity when I preview them, but they are not showing on VRChat. Would anyone know why is this or where could I search for the solution? (I’m new into Unity)
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Solved! I just had to place the controller on the FX layer instead of directly on the animator!

Sorry that you didn’t get any responses, but glad you figured it out! Wish I’d seen your post earlier, I must’ve missed it. :sob:

We discard the animator on the avatar itself and substitute our own that’s constructed from the playable layers in the descriptor (along with some extra stuff).

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