Animation including rotation not showing up in vrchat

I’m about at my wits end here. I have an animation that works perfectly in unity. The action is to rotate an object on a necklace when toggled on, basically. However, when uploaded to vrchat it seems to have no effect. Weight is set to 1, I tried putting the same animations (the “open” and “closed” state for the necklace) on a radial menu and there is still no change - the “open” state never takes effect. I know the animation is running because I tried adding a state change to it temporarily to verify it was working, it seems like vrc is just ignoring the rotation parameters. Any ideas?

Put it in the fx layer, no mask. Do the same with all the other animation. Don’t use the gesture.

Might work that way maybe.

It is already in the FX layer, no mask, and not a gesture. All my other animations work.

I figured it out! I’ve only ever used the FX layer for animations. However, since this animation uses transforms, according to the VRC documentation this NEEDS to go into the Gesture layer (which I didn’t really realize was a thing for programmable params) for the transforms to work. With the animation on the gesture layer it functions as expected.