Animating wings package in unity

Hey guys, so i am extremely new to avatar creation and even more so to animation so please excuse me if i appear dumb. I’ve managed to get my avatar to unity from blender and all is well, so then i downloaded a unity package for angel wings. It comes with a bunch of prefabs, animations, couple of fbx wings and a animation controller. I can attach the wings just fine( in unity, not in blender. Dropped on neck armature ) and they look amazing and through the animation controller i can arrange how the wings sit and with dynamic bones they feel real. My question is, is there a way to use all these pre-set animations from in game. I have tried playing around with the expressions menu and parameters but can’t achieve any more than having them appear on a basic toggle along with a couple of guns i have been experimenting with on the fx layer. There are presets to flap the wings and shield oneself in the animation controller but just cant figure out how to link them in game. Any help is appreciated.