Animating physbone values

I’ve been trying to use animations so I can modify the physics of some physbones using a radical puppet, but I haven’t found a way to get it to work yet.

I’ve noticed that in unity when I preview the animation files themselves, the values change on the sidebar, but nothing changes in the game tab while it’s running. I’ve put them into a blend tree but that doesn’t do anything at all. I’ve tried it in-game in different ways and haven’t gotten any effect.

I’ve made radical puppets and other menus before and I’ve been attempting this every once in awhile to see if I could eventually come up with something that works, but I have not. I’ve tried looking online each time but I haven’t found anything remotely similar to what I’m trying to achieve. I really hope I won’t have to make several sets of physbone scripts connected to different buttons just because I wanted to make something wiggle differently sometimes.

You cannot animate phys bones