Animating in Unity sucks. Is there alternatives?

I am trying to make my own animation, but rotating the root bone is a nightmare because its like jamming a wrench into some gears where it refuse to move its fat ugly ass past a certain point and entering in numbers in means nothing to it because it fucks that shit up and spits in my eye. “Oh you want to move the body 180 degrees and slide it 50 feet to the left? best i can do is 10 degrees and also its happening within the span of a millisecond instead of the entire during of movement. enjoy your bitch ass statue, motherfucker.”

Blender dont give my this kind of shit. When I wanna do something it lets me DO it.

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can just export as an fbx from blender and import the animation clips into unity using the fbx…

I tried that before but I dont think I did it right. Is there a tutorial?

You can try to watch this video hope it help :slightly_smiling_face:

ik rig in blender

I figured out how to animate in blender and its a hell of a lot easier than unity.

unfortunately I can only scale bones that are not part of the humanoid skeleton and adding a secondary root bone apparently cannot bypass those restrictions. I attempted a workaround by using blendshape/shapekeys to just increase the mass of my entire mesh in blender, but apparently the fingers have a tendancy to just go where ever the hell they feel like in unity because reasons.

I have seen people with avatars that can change their mass, what black magic have those people been coveting?