Ambisonics and Binaural Auralization audio in VRC Topic


No one has started a topic about this anywhere for vrc or neos that I have been able to find so I’m going to because its really cool stuff.

If you have any questions or want to talk about Ambisonics and Binaural Auralization content for use in VRC feel free to post in here. I’m an acoustics engineer by day that enjoys playing with this stuff by night (I speed learned unity just to play with it lol) so ill try to respond if I see questions or if you want to post things your working on that are interesting.

What are these things you speak of?!?!<

Binaural and binaural auralization is a method of recording or producing sound taking in account the physics behind how it diffracts, bends, and reflects around your head/body/ear. In non science speak its content that’s meant to be played back on headphones ONLY that sounds very realistic because its mimicking how you would hear something in a real space.

Ambisonics is the next dimension up from binaural. Binaural in itself is just a stereo 2 channel audio track so its considered as ‘static’ meaning if you turn your head in VR the audio will always be in the same place. Ambiosonics is the ‘360 camera’ version of that where it theoretically (ignoring technicality) a 360 degree sphere of audio content. This content then is rendered down into a binaural auralization depending on what direction your facing in VR. so when you move your head around where sound is coming from changes.

But why?!?!<

Its a whole another step up from point sources or standard 2D audio playback because it allows for complex room reverb modeling to be baked into the track and be dynamic to your looking direction. and yes VRC supports this, I have it working in multiple private test worlds and its amazing.

But yea that’s it. I am personally working on binaural and ambex audio production. thinking about releasing a pack of universal environment background sfx for people to use in their worlds. Hit me up if your interested. Also let me know if there’s a better forum to post this in lol. Discord:Elevative#9796


This is what I got so far for the immersive world, 120 frames too with other people in it. 3 weeks ago I didn’t know what unity was so hopefully its not to bad xD, now just to figure out how to udon lol.

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