Alternate locomotion sound played on the wrong animation

For the past few weeks I’ve been tinkering around in unity with this model for a fully animated dinosaur avatar. The original model includes an alternate locomotion where it would turn its body sideways, turning itself into a walking meat shield and would enter an adrenaline state followed by a loud roar when exiting the shield mode. The problem im having is the roar doesn’t play after exiting shield mode, instead it would play after every emote but the shield mode.

Locomotion layer is included in the image, I’d appreciate a helping hand with this problem.
(default locomotion is on the left, and the alternate locomotion is on the right)

Sounds like it’s probably a problem with the transitions.

Make sure that HasExitTime is ticked on the transition that exits the roar state so the animation can finish playing.

Remember, you can check this in the editor with Live Link.

The transition from the roar to the default locomotion has exit time ticked on. it played as intended on the first try but not the second and so on when its toggled off. it still keeps on playing after every emote but that one