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Typewriter Text

Format(s): U#
Created: 10-5-2020: 7:24PM EST
Last Updated: 6-5-2020: 4:35PM EST

A program that reads in text from an array of Text Assets (i.e. .txt files), and types it out into a UI Text object one character at a time. Each time it is interacted with, it will advance to the next text file in the list, until it reaches the end of the list. After which, it will disable itself and return to the start of the list. The default text speed can be set by a public variable, and also can be changed at any time by the text asset by use of a delimiter. A sound can also be attached which will play each time a character is typed. Each time it advances, it will reset the text speed to the value set in the default speed variable. The design is based on the game NieR: Automata's dialog system, and is designed to be an RPG dialog box. It has a "title slot" text at the top center, and a "character name slot" text at the top left.

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