Allow All Shader Keywords in Udon

Canny for this: Canny

Currently, when trying to use shader keywords in Udon, Udon does not allow it. It throws the following error:

This is likely due to this property not starting with _Udon, or not being on the whitelist.

I’ve already tried everything I could to work around this issue. The easiest solution to my problem would be to toggle the shader keyword value, but Udon blocks it.

The suggestion is to allow any shader keyword to be modified for worlds specifically.

I have attached screenshots of the implementation I was trying to achieve. The last screenshot does say _Udon_LTCGI, but I was testing manually renaming it in the shader. It still didn’t work with just _LTCGI.


The requirement of “_Udon” at the beginning is a security requirement, namely so worlds do not affect key features such as the visibility of the menus or otherwise affect a player who’s avatar was not intended to be modified.
If the keyword that you are using has been changed to “_Udon_LTCGI” and still does not work, then I believe you should feel free to file a bug report on the Canny.