Akalink's udon audio prefabs

I have created a series of prefabs for audio implementation. I’ve loosely based these prefabs after my experience with fmod, most of these I’ve developed for udon projects.

I have included Demos of some of the prefabs so you may get a better understanding of what these prefabs do.

Music Player:
A simple local music player with Play, Pause, Stop, shuffle, skip, and back buttons. Lets you set individual volumes of tracks and if the playlist plays on awake. Good for hangout worlds.

Random Spatial:
Automatically Plays one or audio sources with a assortment of audio clips with random timing, volume, and pitch. This is usually for creating organic ambiance that is properly spatialized without eating up your audio source cap.

Bends the pitch depending on if the audio source is getting closer or further from the player. Good for vehicles.

Timed Fade Group:
Fades in one or more audio sources on a timer then fade it out after a set amount of time. Good for setting up wind.

Follow Spatial:
A audio source follows a vector of two points relative to the player, this creates a sense of size to the object represented. Good for beaches and highways.

Music Area:
Fades between specific music tracks while preserving relative timing, depending on if the player enters a specific area of the map. Requires you to set up how the transition is called, this is documented in the prefabs readme file.

Synced Music Player

You can get the latest release here
It requires UdonSharp


is there a way to put in multiple songs with your prefab?

Yes, the music related prefabs use arrays, so you can insert lots of songs.