AFK animation help

I’m new to using animations in the unity animator, and that might be why I’m having trouble with this. To sum it up, I want to set up a spawning in and out animation for AFK mode similar to the person in that post about the release of avatars 3.0. I’ve made the animation for going in and out, but the going into AFK animation I made loops until I come back and it keeps me in the floating meditating animation. Does anyone know how to set it up properly? Thank you!! VRChat_1920x1080_2020-08-21_17-48-45.246|314x344

This might help:

Basically need an animation that plays with the animator set to transition to it based on the AFK parameter.

You need to blend the weight of the layer up to 1.0 so it affects your pose, turn off tracking and set all bones to use animation, play the animation, then when exiting, set layer weight back to 0 and re-enable tracking.

This’ll probably make more sense if you see the video. ^