Advice on selling a model/sona?

Hey VRC fam! New to this forum site so wanted to introduce myself and hope everyone’s staying safe still through these rough times. VRC has helped me to get through some shit and I’ve always taken a good liking to the community and the people I’ve met.

Let’s get this out of the way, I’m a furry. I commissioned an avatar from an artist last year from a single ref sheet and a couple pieces of art. The quality is amazing and I’ve used this sona a couple times inside the game. But lately I haven’t felt like using her (and once COVID hit I lost my job and bills have been rough) so I’ve been trying to sell her for a while now. I’ve tried things such as: lowering the price (even halved it), simplifying the post, posting or sharing over Twitter, FA (Furaffinity), some discord servers maybe and what not with no luck. If anyone knows any better methods on where to post to reach the right audience that’d be much appreciated. I figured Twitter and FA would be easy but then again I haven’t had anyone interested yet. I’ve wanted to post on the VRCtraders discord but I don’t think they allow that type of idk, self selling promotion?

I’ll try to check for any responses but I’m typically more active on twitter —> @PuppermintGoo and Discord! Thanks a ton :]

It is quite an issue considering you have the “rights” to the character but it was also the work of someone else, the artist probably doesn’t mind that too much but these things are very hard to resell, IF ANYTHING maybe just having a tipping jar would be an option, yes, you wouldn’t get the full price you paid but that’s a last resort solution, if you ask me it would be better if you have some skills to get commissions online, I mean, you had a sheet and references, maybe is time to refine your drawing skills?

If you don’t have a drawing tablet is still viable as long as you got a phone and a camera, just do your stuff on paper, take a picture, upload and then use something like Medibang Paint to trace your work (it has some nice line tools which you can use to draw without a tablet), add color, etc., even doing line art can get you some money depending on the clients.

Good Luck.