Advice needed on rigging model

So I’ve always wanted to be a flying brain with tentacles.
I’ve got some unity/vrcsdk know-how but I’m completely new to rigging a model myself so am looking for some info.

I’m attempting to turn this following creature into an avatar:

I was hoping someone with experience could help me answer these questions:

  1. Do I make it humanoid or generic?
  2. And would it even be possible to have the head tracking properly AND have 2 tentacles functioning as arms? Seeing as the positioning is very odd on this model
  3. If not 2, would only rigging the models head to the hand/or/head bone and making the rest drag along using dynamic bones be viable?

Always make it Humanoid if possible because you can do more stuff than generic on VRCSDK (that includes configuring rigging).

I believe it is possible indeed. Although, with this specific avatar, you may want to weight paint most of the central (brain?) part as head and the lower tentacles part as chest, spine, hips, and so on.

I would put in a full humanoid skeleton inside that model if I were you, simply to avoid problems when imported over to Unity. Dragging everything except for the head is not an unfeasible idea, but please note that dynamic bones are quite expensive for liberal use. Either way, you still need to create humanoid bones for rigging to work.

Very clear and concise, I think I know enough to start now.
Thanks so much!

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No prob! Glad to help ><