Additive tail animation not working

I’ve been trying to add tail wag animation when the avatar does any kind of hand gesture like open hands or thumbs up. However, I haven’t found much info on how to accomplish this. I tried duplicating the hand gestures controller and just added a new layer with transitions using the same “GestureRight Equals 2” type of conditions. I put this animator controller in the Gesture Layer btw.

This is the animation, it’s just rotating the bone back and forth.

I made some new masks to add to the layers and I’m pretty new to it, so I’m not sure if I applied them correctly or if this could be what the issue is at all in the first place.

I tested this out by just making a new animation controller and having the entry state be the wag animation and adding this controller to the Additive layer as a tutorial showed and it also didn’t work there despite it working in Unity.

If anyone has any insight on this, I would really appreciate it!