Adding Outlines to Avatars using Blender?

I had a friend tell me a way to add outlines to a avatar from blender using a method. However i don’t know how to do it, and i don’t remember what he said.

Basically what i’m trying to accomplish, is add Mesh outlines to the avatar from blender, as a part of the avatar. so basically, a seperate material that is the outline color, and the outline of the avatar.

i know it increases polys since i heard it duplicates faces… but i’m ok with that, i just don’t know ‘how’ to do it., but i want to not use a shader in unity for this, And the most i do know is that i believe it involves the “Edit mode” in blender

(sorry for any bad spelling, i was typing this on my phone and i’m not at home right now)

  1. Add Solidify modifier in blender

  2. Apply modifier

  3. Add new material

  4. Go to edit mode then select outlines

  5. In Materials Properties select just added material then click Assign

  6. Export

In unity just add solid color for outlines material

but aren’t you not able to apply modifiers to avatars that have blendshapes?

Extrude Along Normals

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