Adding Colliders to Avatars

Basically, I’m hoping to add colliders to some objects on my avatar so they interact with collisions from other sources (similar to how an avatars hands work, where they press against world collider boxes, or some fancy gun effects I’ve found where an “Energy Ball” gets fired and moves until it hits either a wall or a player). I figured I could just add box colliders to the objects, but that hasn’t worked, probably for a really obvious reason.

What would be the setup for something like this? Are there any bugs with colliders in certain setups? Is it even possible in the first place?

For reference, the objects in question are disabled by default and are enabled by gestures.

Can you specify what exactly are the objects you are interacting with, is it dynamic bone, cloth?

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Oh, damn, forgot about this topic.
Nah, it was just a box collider on a standard held object (specifically, an axe parented to the hand bone). Nothing fancy going on with it other than an activation animator.
The reason it wasn’t working is because I had once again forgotten that you need a RigidBody component in order for it to register collisions.
It now works quite well - doesn’t interact with world or player colliders as I’d hoped, however it does interact with other rigidbody colliders like the football in the Zombie Tag world, which is fun. Played a bit of golf in there…

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