Adding animations

I’ve just uploaded my avatar, but in the first 5 seconds of using it I noticed that it can’t neither crouch nor prone. I watched some tutorials on YouTube and learned the basics, but I can’t find any crouch or prone animations. All of those that I’ve found are just emotes, not idle/active anims. Where can I find them?

When the playable layout is set to default, all basic animation will be added by itself on upload. Adding a custom animator controller to the avatar descriptor will overwrite the default one. You can add not only standard but any animation you like, created or found on other sites.

Standard walking works okay, but there are no crouch or prone anims

It seems that there’s a problem with the lower half of the body… To be honest I don’t know what’s wrong. This rig was created automatically using Mixamo and works fine in other cases…

You might want to check the rigging configuration and ensure your legs are mapped properly!