Action controller not working when FX controller is connected (animation not playing during emote)

Edit: Alright, I figured it out. I didn’t know you had to apply a mask with the avatar skeleton to the layer that handles the sound. Figured it out from here: Gesture layer animations not playing

I followed a tutorial on how to add emotes and sounds.

When the FX controller is connected to the avatar descriptor, when you try to do the emote it will play the sound but the animation won’t play. When the FX gets removed, then the animation will play.

Does the FX controller take priority over the Action controller and of course, is there a way to fix that?

Please link the tutorial that you followed.

Personally I put stuff wherever vrchat is happy with. But maybe there is issue with write default inconsistency. I think there was change with masks on a layer for hand animation as well.

For the Avi I’ve seen, the hand gesture is on one layer, and like facial expression based on gesture is on FX layer

I think.

My avatar is really simple, it doesn’t have hand gestures/hand animation layers. The only layer that it has is for playing the sound.

Also I’ve tried check if anything had write default but I think I got them all unchecked. Even the one for the animation in Action.