A Big-ish Question towards avatar creation

So I commissioned a model and to put my request simply, how do I port it to Unity for it to be usable in VrChat? I was recommended to port then rig it in Blender, then port it back to… whatever it needs to be ported to, to be used in Unity and this uploaded to Vrchat. I’m willing to pay anyone willing to help complete my crucial process as ive been at it for a while now.

Additional question; Does anyone know how to create an emote, the kind you click on the tab menu, that makes a part of your avatar permanent until toggled? The same avatar in mind is desired to have this function to remove the eyebrows through this action but i’m unsure if there needs to be two different models to pull it off or something i’m not aware of.

It really depends on how much was already done by the person you commissioned.

If the model is already rigged and configured for VRChat within blender then there’s no reason to port it, but if it was the model creator that recommended you do that then there’s probably something left for you to finish. I can’t really say what is or isn’t completed on your model without seeing it though. Personally I feel it’s implied that when commissioning a model the rigging gets done as well, but hey it’s up to the person.

Also, the Avatar 3.0 menu makes something like you described as simple as a shapekey, which would be something to do in blender, but it’s very easy to accomplish and something you could figure out with a little bit of google-fu and YouTube college (Making shapekeys in blender and using toggles in the Avatar 3.0 menu).

It can be daunting to start and sadly I’m not the best at describing/explaining these things, so if you still need help feel free to grab me and I’ll try to help. :smile:

I appreciate your response, but to be honest I’m the last person on earth who knows anything about what I can do here.

The model will be completed in Cinema4D meaning it’ll have to be ported to blender first to be given the rig, and then back to unity for upload.