3rd person view/camera like japan shrine map

Hey guys. Im wondering how can i make a 3rd person view like the one on japan shrine map? How can i switch the player camera to the one that i made? Thanks

You can have any camera in your scene override the player’s camera by enabling it and setting the priority to be 1 or above. The rest would just be setting a position offset from where it tracks the player, and possibly lerping and adjusting for wall collision.

I made a 3rd person camera a while back for Udon that’s for sale on Booth if you’d like to check it out.

Ah okay im gonna try it. If it failed, im gonna check out your BOOTH. thanks a lot for the info.

The Lerping he’s talking about would be cool. Basically would just smooth the camera movement while you turn or move around. Here’s an example for doing the Lerp math if you have trouble finding one!

The higher you make those 2 float numbers the faster the camera will move to where it should be.

thanks a lot mate. really helpful