3.0 toggle not working

I’ve been trying to get toggles and menus to work for some time, and they never seem to ever work properly. After testing the FX layer on the base controller I see that they do in fact work but for some reason don’t work in game.
Also if anyone wants to see how i have it set up, here’s the screenshots.


I’ve tried multiple methods of toggles and have followed every tutorial to a T, and at this point i’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.


Did you figure it out?

The only thing not shown is weather or not you set the layers weight to 1 or not

I was stuck on this for awhile but got it working after changing this setting.

I assume you already set your transitions properly

I did actually, it was the SDK itself breaking for some odd reason. I don’t know why VRChat updating its 3.0 SDK’s effectively breaks the previous one but it seems to happen consistently.

sorry by the late comment but how did u fix

How DID You Fix This? i need to know please, same issue as you

How Did You Fix this?

i also had same issue, found out my animation wasnt set to 0 like in the animator transition.

if toggle off is 0 or 1 , it has to be same on both ends .2021-10-05 at 04-51-53