3.0 Eye Tracking Ruins The Eyes Rotation

Whenever I want to set the eyelook for my model eyelook has the bright idea to rotate the eyes facing forward and sets them in the back of the head on a weird rotation so if I even wanted to fix it I’d have to tweak the rotation a bunch. Is there any way around this or do I have to use this horrible eye tracking system. I really get stopped at every avatar upload here because of how awful it is to setup the eyelook. It just does the weirdest things for seemingly no good reason.

please explain in more detail what you are doing and what you are failing

I’ve been attempting to set the eye look for all the states so you know the eyelook works. The issue is i can’t manage to perfectly align the eye rotation because eyelook offsets the eye rotation. For an example when i set the eyelook the eyes go back into the head and when i set the eye to a 90 degree rotation the rotation sphere is still rotated at an angle instead of being flat with the horizon.

Sure i could set up the eyelook this way but this is so much worse to do it this way. so if i did line it up for the forward it would be off a little. My whole question is if the eyes are already perfectly fine facing forward why do they get rotated into the head. Why is a 90 degree rotation not aligned perfectly horizontally? I can try to edit the bones in blender to be perfectly horizontal or vertical but it doesn’t fix it. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

All i really want to do though is fix this weird rotation because it messes with setting up all the states. Also here is the eye bone in blender.
Screenshot 2021-07-21 211324
Perfectly horizontal as you’d expect. But in unity its a whole different story right when i hit that preview button.

Do you have more than one bone per eye?
Would you mind showing bone hierarchy, Avatar definition in Unity and vertex weight in Blender
Did you export via CAT plugin?

Edit: I’m sure that happens because of current pose on eye bones not applied as rest pose
You can check it by toggling to rest position in blender